outdoor kitchen


There’s something about cooking food outdoors that enhances the whole experience for home chefs and entertainers. Maybe it’s the aromas of grilled cuisine, or the ability to enjoy the fresh air while you create dishes for family or friends. Bringing the kitchen to your exterior living space has massive appeal, and it’s come a long way from simple charcoal grills and lighter fluid.
In the modern age, outdoor kitchens can come with hi-tech appliances and more complex components – from side burners and griddles to pizza ovens and smokers, there’s actually more versatility and options on the outside of your home than the inside.
When developing the overall plan, we’ll want to consider shade & shelter options, seating, proximity to the house or other entertainment area, functionality, and more. As far as aesthetics, there are dozens of material options, including cultured stone and countertops.

low voltage landscape lighting


Ready to breathe new “light” into your outdoor living space? Whether you’re considering rejuvenating your backyard or giving your property a complete overhaul, consider incorporating lighting into the landscape. Exterior lighting is a perfect way to refresh a dreary space and create a stunning new look. Most homeowners underestimate the impact of exterior illumination. Whether your back or front yard is partially lit, or you need to start from scratch, we can install, add, or upgrade existing landscape lighting. When designing a landscape lighting plan we consider the purpose behind the placement: brightening a space for entertaining, creating a soft glow for a private sanctuary, lighting dark areas due to concerns about safety, or just enhancing existing features like trees or hardscaping. Illuminating a landscape is both an art and a science. Strategic lighting will give depth to your property, highlighting flowerbeds, water and fire features, and borders that would normally be obscured by darkness. We also create the most visually effective display by carefully planning the right distance and angle of each light, attaining a perfect balance at completion so the entire property is a harmonious canvas of lights and darks. We can turn your home into a celestial resort…twinkling trees, shimmering shrubs, illuminated paths, glowing water features, dramatically lit hardscapes, and more. If you have a pool or plan on installing one, lighting will allow you to use the pool and neighboring outdoor living space after sunset. Illuminating an area that would normally be a dark space gives your backyard a new perspective and usability. A glowing pool will beckon you to take a dip, or at least create an inviting space to gather around for a sparkling water view. Finally, lighting your pool is important for safety. One last reason to consider outdoor lighting – your gorgeous backyard will be a spectacle from the inside of your house as well.

Zen Landscaping


We recently had a client who truly wanted a backyard oasis, somewhere he and his family could feel like they were getting away from it all. He wanted to tie in some elements of a zen space – combining fire, water, greenery, and divided spaces for interest. We kept it simple yet elegant, using natural elements of rock, sand, wood, and gravel. We knew he liked to entertain, but we also knew he and his wife enjoyed quiet time in their outdoor haven. So we kept all of those elements in mind and designed for all, and the ultimate plan came together. There is a current trend toward a splash pool or oversized hot tub. Many Hamptons homeowners like the idea of a pool but don’t necessarily want it to be the main focus or take up a lot of their precious property. A modest-sized pool/spa is just enough to refresh, and roomy enough to relax with company. Landscaping is ultra-important, and we’re lucky enough on Long Island to have so many native perennials, shrubbery, specimen trees, and annuals to choose from. Lush foliage creates boundaries that help carve out different areas, creating more intimate and defined spaces. In the summer months we also have the option to create a balance with tropicals, which add a feel-good flair that sweeps you away. An infusion of color makes the canvas pop - blue hues of hydrangeas, a palate of pinks, subtle streaks of lavender, and vibrant yellows of black-eyed susan bring your backyard to life. The hardscaping forms the backbone of the project. Stepping stones with river rock create welcoming pathways, while plank pavers lay out a chill vibe around splash area, giving you a place to relax your weary head on beckoning lounge chairs. Nights get chilly no matter what season it is on Long Island, so a fire feature not only contributes to the zen-feel but also keeps you warm well into the evening. Fire bowls, pits, or places are the perfect place to gather after a long day playing on the beach or taking on a rigorous tennis match. Weekends are made for relaxing…and creating a space that lends itself to serenity and calm is just what the doctor ordered.